(Winter) Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) Carriça

A fearless little bird and with a voice that makes it sound as large as an Eagle, the Winter Wren is a resident bird throughout Portugal and can be encountered anywhere one cares to take the time to look - or listen! Often sings in the open and, with its tail cocked to the heavens, is unmistakeable.

The male makes a selection of nests, anywhere up to 9, and takes the female around to inspect them. She then chooses one in which they will raise their young. The rejected nests are kept up though for following broods and occasionally for communal roosting on colder winter nights when as many as 11 Wrens will squeeze in together in order to share body warmth and thus survive the night. We have individuals in the garden here that I flatter myself I know individually - of course I don't, but they all seem to trust me and approach very close without apprehension.

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