What clothes and shoes should you bring?

It´s that ball of string again!

For a Winter visit you'll really need some warm and waterproof clothes, especially if you're planning on one of our two or three week packages.
Although warm enough in the south of the country and especially so near the coast, in the interior or in the north it can be bitterly cold on occasions, and there's nothing worse than trembling hands trying to keep a pair of bins steady, so warm shirts, a jersey and a stout waterproof jacket and shoes are necessary anytime during December, January and February. To be on the safe side, it's best to bring these items even if one's visiting the south. Remember, you can always take it off, but if you haven't got it in the first place it can spoil your holiday!

During the Spring a jersey and light waterproof should be sufficient and during the Summer and anytime up to the end of September there's no problem at all as regards cold, but a hat is essential. From the clothing point of view, regard October as a Spring month.

Although there is little walking on any of our packages, a pair of waterproof shoes is always a good idea.


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