Savi´s Warbler (Locustella luscinioides) Felosa-unicolor

A summer visitor arriving in April and staying till September, Savi's Warblers are rare but can be found at several select spots on the western coast of the country where there are extensive reed beds in amongst which it calls and breeds.

It is a rather plain, brown, largeish warbler with an amazing ability to call for minutes at a time without ceasing. I have timed seven and a half, but this is by no means excessive. The call is a similar to a sewing machine, a continuous reeling which one's ear tunes out after a short time unless one is listening out for it. It calls from an open perch which is usually clinging on to a reed, (though in some instances it will come right out into the open), twisting its head this way and that and occasionally jumping round to face the opposite direction, but all the time continuing with its incessant reeling call.

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