(Black-legged) Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) Gaivota-tridáctila

Seen on winter pelagics in the southern half of the country, but with breeding records near Ericeira in the northern half, the Kittiwake is a not the smallest gull we have here but is noticeable for its "neat and clean" appearance. It can be mistaken in its winter plumage for a Black-headed Gull, but the beak is either dark, (juvenile), or greenish-yellow, (adult), which is normally noticeable even at long range. It can also be mistaken for a Little Gull, especially when juvenile, but the upper-wing is markedly whiter, while the back has no markings at all - as opposed to the latter. When adult the Kittiwake shows un-windowed black tips to the wings which easily sets it apart from the otherwise similar Little Gull.

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