Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa) Perdiz-comum

The most common game bird throughout Portugal, many Partridge are bred in the name of "sport" but most are truly wild specimens. They are resident and can be seen in coveys during the autumn and winter before separating into pairs for the Spring. In summer males and females go their own ways while the female brings up the chicks, which hatch during May and early June.

Though a "ground" bird they can sometimes surprisingly be found in trees and enjoy perching also on rock-piles and old ruins. Their is no difference in plumage between the sexes, though the male is of a slightly heavier build. They explode in a flurry of rapid wing-beats if one approaches too close, sometimes keeping together and sometimes going in different directions. If the latter should occur, once flushed the male will re-join the female rather than the female following the male.

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