(Eurasian) Hoopoe (Upupa epops) Poupa

The Hoopoe is an iconic and unmistakeable bird that provides the sound back-drop to nearly all the safari documentaries - even though the Hoopoe you hear in the background of those documentaries is the African Hoopoe, strictly speaking a different species.

It is resident, has a salmon pink neck, chest and belly, (as opposed to the orange tinge of the African Hoopoe), a large crest that is flattened in flight and normally at other times also, (but is always raised upon alighting as well as various other times), and full-bodied black and white striped wings. It has a fluttery and easily recognised flight pattern, rather like a butterfly in some respects, and feeds on insects caught by stalking on the ground. Hole nesting, usually in a tree, but at other times in stone walls and even on occasion at ground level.

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