(Eurasian) Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus) Papa figos

Golden Orioles are a species that breed throughout Portugal. They are masters of disappearance; the females and juveniles are camouflaged par excellence, but the male in his brightest yellow body, black wings and pillar-box red bill? One would think not, but once in amongst the foliage they disappear faster and with more finality than a fiver in a pub. Occasionally one finds them again, but it is a wonder how such a colourful bird can vanish, and it makes one realise how so many trees have such a lot of yellow when one thought they were just green and brown.

Their primary call is as beautiful as their plumage, sounding for all the world like someone practicing the flute, and for me heralds the real start of the summer, as they normally arrive towards the end of the first week in April and leave at the beginning of September.

We're lucky enough to have them nesting in the garden here at the Quinta and there's nothing better than to have them as one's alarm call in the morning!

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