A quick hour and a half ...


Had to pop down to the village this morning to get some supplies for the Quinta, so went early and spent an hour and a half in the Hide getting these photos.

Such a shame the one above isn't quite in focus, and I shouldn't really post it at all - but it's as close as dammit and just good enough to go in here. The ones below make up for it ...



The Hide's actually called our "Kingfisher and Water Rail Hide", and, true to form, this morning it wasn't all Kingfishers as, sheltering under the hide itself was an adult female Water Rail and at least two chicks still too young to be independent - and sadly out of view from the hide itself, but this male came across the river from the other side to check them out and gave me a lovely opportunity for some action shots as well as trying to get that elusive reflection.





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