What do they eat?

Otter 7985

It's not only birds we get to watch at the Quinta, it's all of Nature, and recently we've been having some great views of our local Otters at our Water Rail and Kingfisher Hide down in Santa Clara, so here are a few of the recent pics.

I'm aften asked, "What do they eat?", so the picture above answers that one quite succinctly - it's mostly Crayfish!

Otter 7979

We watched this particular individual munch on four in as many minutes right in front of us the other day, and as the latter are the introduced American species that's no bad thing.

Otter 8058

On this particular day the otter could hear the cameras whirring away but seemed to be quite oblivious of any of us being there, and floated in an open patch of water right in front of us before coming to investigate even closer, until we had trouble focussing - the picture below is one of these as it was only about three mts away just below our feet. A rare treat to have them come so close.

Otter 8011

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