Tarantara! Tarantara! 7th year in a row!

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Some have mentioned to me that occasionally, just occasionally mind you, we blow our own trumpet ... However, having been awarded a Tripadvisor "Certificate of Excellence" for the 7th year in a row I reckon that sometimes, just sometimes mind you, we're entitled to!

Whatever one may think about Tripadvisor, these Certificates are the gold standard in the hospitality industry because they're awarded on the basis of real reviews by real guests so we're especially proud, and our thanks go out to all the 300 or so past guests, many of them birders, who have valued the effort we put in to this business enough to have rated us as "Excellent". 

My personal thanks also go to my wife, the fair Daniela, to our core staff, Fatima and Dulce, to the many Volunteers we have had helping us over the years and of course to our family and friends who have supported us through thick and thin. We would never have received these accolades without this marvellous Team Effort and the commitment that everyone has shown to being the best!

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