Congratulations are in order!


 For the last ten years I've been running the Birdfair Raffle and I have a feeling that this is the first time that anyone's claimed the first prize within the week allotted, so feeling quite chuffed! Congratulations Rosemary Sargent and we look forward greatly to seeing you out here during the next year.

Sadly no-one claimed the second and third prizes so I've drawn them again and the winner's names are announced below.  Tough luck on Mark H and Mark M who didn't claim, but there y'go. Prizes are as explained at the Birdfair and outlined also on last week's blog.

These two pictures were taken this week, that above out on the Plains of a Black-winged Kite and that below of a nice Richard's Pipit on the top of Foia.


OK, so now it's time for the second and third prizes to be awarded again, so I hope that Brenda Hovell or C Hatch picks them up. If that's you just get in touch with me before the 22nd and we'll take it from there.

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