A morning under some netting.


A lovely morning with a stool, cushion, tripod, hat, camo-netting and various cameras and lenses produced these shots.

It's been a chilly, damp Spring, with it feeling more like winter some days, but the weather's changed now and I thought I'd get a quick morning on my own before it becomes roasting hot out on the Plains, so, having left the Quinta nice and early I was all set up before sunrise .... and then waited, freezing, for a wonderful three hours before the first of my two target species deigned to turn up!

Silly me - having warned everyone all Spring to dress warm, "as it can be surprisingly chilly out there", I failed to follow my own instructions and froze, but it was worth it when the Black-bellied Sandgrouse below landed right in front of me ...




Having taken some film and the shots above I moved on to the Rufous Bush Robin's nest I found a few weeks ago ...



She's still sitting so I reckon another morning I'll pop on out there again for some shots of her feeding the chicks - but next time I'll be taking a jersey!

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