A day down near the airport ...

Apart from actually going in to Faro airport I actually like picking up guests there as it always gives me the chance to explore the area a little, and today was no exception, so I thought I'd just quickly post some of the shots we got today while I was down there ... first off the blocks was this Eurasian Wryneck, one of the four individuals we were lucky enough to find during the morning.


A short while later came a surprise, a solitary and distant Curlew Sandpiper moulting in to summer plumage.


This Little Egret showed off its gorgeous plumes and posed well for us,


as did the many Kentish Plovers we saw.


Several times this flock of Greater Flamingos flew overhead and they looked stunning in the beautiful weather we're now enjoying.


It seemed that nearly every bush held a singing Sardinian Warbler.


As well as finding a well hidden Kentish Plover's nest we also found this Little Tern nesting scarcely a meter away from a busy walking trail.


One of my guests was particularly anxious to find a Purple Heron - and was even more particularly pleased when we did just that! A pity it didn't stick around for very long but that's Life ...


I was pleased I captured the Purple Heron before it disappeared for good and was also pleased with this quick shot of an Iberian Magpie. It's always difficult to get the focus right on moving birds against tangled backgrounds.


Of course everyone loves European Bee-eaters - especially when they've caught a bee and bring it back to the branch just above your picnic!


OK, they're originally an escaped cage-bird, even if they are well established now, but Common Waxbills are always nice to see.


Last but not least on the photo front was this Eurasian Hoopoe.


We saw many, many more species of course, Crested Tits and Little Bitterns amongst them, but I think that should do for now!

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