Wow! A day at home!


So ... since our new site went live I don't think I've had a day "at home" when I wasn't taking guests birding and, what with one thing and another, I simply haven't had a second to sit down and just write a few lines here - and it hasn't just been me either as Tony's been hard at it too .... but today, yes, we've a free day so I've had a beautiful lie-in, took the dogs around the block, cleaned out Uncle Harry's quarters, rescued him from a tree - twice! - and am generally soaking up the sunshine and relishing the warmth. It makes a change from the freezing 4º at the top of Foia as the sun rose yesterday ...

It's been a very late Spring and we've had our fair share of damp days to end the drought.

Mist in the valley-6199.jpg

The mist creeping every morning through the valleys surrounding the Quinta make it all worthwhile though and everything's green with the wildflowers putting on as gorgeous a display as ever.

Vipers Bugloss-6398.jpg

The unsettled weather has kept the birds down a good deal. However, we've had our successes too, like the Booted Eagle with its Stone Curlew prey, below.


A couple of other birds spring to mind too, smaller ones this time ... like this Firecrest,


or this Dartford Warbler,

Dartford Warbler-7052.jpg

or this Spectacled Warbler singing in the rain,

Spectacled Warbler-7171.jpg

or this Eurasian Wryneck.


Out on the Plains the Little Bustards have been displaying well.

Little Bustard-5747.jpg

The same area has also produced great views of Great Spotted Cuckoos, like this mating pair,

Great Spotted Cuckoo-6481.jpg

while some species are well advanced like this Eurasian Hoopoe bringing food in to its hungry offspring waiting, beak open, in the nest-hole below.

Eurasian Hoopoe-6925.jpg

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